Serving the St. Louis Community since 2013 and showcasing the best that the Gateway to the West has to offer in the arts, Classic 107.3 is dedicated to quality and diversity on the air, online, and in person.

We hand-craft classical music listening experiences for you daily, with hosts who shop where you shop, commute the same streets and highways, and watch the weather as it changes.

Take a look around, listen, and share your thoughts with us!

Our Mission

Provide classical music programming and strengthen our community’s cultural landscape

Core Values

Offer high quality programming with professional expertise to the St. Louis Community with unique listening experiences, quality education and outreach to the underserved.

Board of Directors

The station is led by a volunteer board of directors. James L. Nouss, Jr. serves as the board’s president. Board members include Thriess Britton; Spencer B. Burke; Carol Commerford; Art Fitzgerald; Mary Forsyth; Charles Gooden; Carolyn Henges; Cary Hobbs; Larry Katzenstein; Kenneth Kranzberg; Deanne Lane; Elisabeth Laspe; David Mayo; Babette Meiners; Noémi K. Neidorff; Kelly Pollock; Mabel Purkerson, M.D.; John Russell; Michael Scully; Patricia Smith-Thurman; Donald Suggs; Sherida Tollefsen; and Donna Wilkinson.

Strategic Plan

In 2018, Classic 107.3 developed a five-year strategic plan that contemplates a dramatic pivot and internal cultural shift from being not only a top-tier classical music station, but expanding to become a media communications enterprise that actively partners with cultural institutions in St. Louis. The radio station’s capabilities and digital assets will serve as a portal for those organizations to build and expand audiences for all involved.

Economic Impact

Classic 107.3 is proud to contribute to the incredible growth that the arts in the St. Louis region have enjoyed over the past decade. According to a 2012 study by The Regional Arts Commission, the arts and cultural industry in St. Louis has an economic impact of $582.3 million in the region. St. Louis employment in the arts rose to more than 10,000 full-time equivalent jobs, a leap of 14 percent since 2007.

Operational Support

The station relies on charitable donations and advertising revenues from the use of a nonprofit commercial license (selling only 72 minutes of paid advertising per day), as well as underwriting, donors, grants, events and promotional activities to fund its operations.

Where can you hear us?

Our analog FM signal is available within a 20-mile radius of the intersection of Hanley and Manchester Roads (see map below). That means if you’re in the city limits of St. Louis along the highway 40/44 corridor, or most of the near suburbs, you can hear us. In addition, Classic 107.3 is available on HD radio at KNOU 96.3 HD2, which covers an even larger area.

We also are available live on the web, 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

Classic 107.3 is organized as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. It is not owned by any single individual or corporation and is incorporated for the public benefit.