Stephen Hough – Beethoven and Brahms

Pianist, composer, and author Stephen Hough recently released the complete five Beethoven piano concertos that he recorded last year with the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra and Hannu Lintu. In this interview, Tom and Stephen discuss that project, as well as another recent Hyperion release – the late piano music of Brahms – along with selections from both recordings.

Tom says, “I’ve been an avid fan of Hough’s since his initial recordings started to be released in the mid-1980s. This was my first opportunity to speak with him about his work and – polymath that he is – when you have a conversation with him you can go extremely deep into in many subjects…music, art, writing, social issues, even religion and politics!” Tom adds, “For all Stephen’s intellectual horsepower, he is disarmingly free of affectation or attitude. He’s a delightfully open-hearted, sincere fellow with a positivity about things that is ruled by reason.”